Object to deliver 250 vans in 2 days

Hand assembling roof racks

Vans arriving

Equipment for Vans starting to show up

28 foot ladders x 250

Ladder inventory

250 6' ladders

Vans starting to line up

Storage lot vans

Installing safety kits

Prepping vehicles for delivery

Installing roof racks

Installing rear mirror

Aerial view of storage lot

170+ vans and counting

Stuck somewhere between arack and
a hard place

Tent to be used for staging area
for van inventory

Vehicle inventory staged

Aerial view of east lot

Vans before racks installed

Then the snow came and
the tent collapsed

Inventory holding tent roof up

DVRs acting as roof supports

Another under tent photo

East lot vans snow covered


Looking for stock # 2852

Direct TV shining through

Digging out vans

Darn, dropped the keys in the snow

Pushing em out