Astrovan Engine Pictures
Doner Vehicle





This vehicle was chosen as a donor vehicle for the sub-frame,
and other parts.



87 Astro with sub frame being droped out

Poor Donor Vehicle

Sub frame out in record time

Sub frame and engine close up

4.3 wiring

LH engine

Pulley system

LH engine

Rr trans mount

RH Trans  and Exhaust system

Close up of engine wiring

close up RH engine wiring

RH upper control arm

Steering Gear box

Whats left

87 donor

LH brake hose

RH suspension

Lh steering linkage

RH steering linkage


RH supension

LH supension

RH frame horn mount opening

Center mount hole

RH upper control arm

LH upper control arm

Joe fine tuning frame


This page will be updated as the swap progresses.

This will be the Astro's second engine swap. The first was 3 years ago.

That job went fairly smooth. Check it out.

This time its going to take a little bit more patients as we will have to do some modifications to drop this L31 into place.